Summer is in 90 days…are you ready for it?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

…no not Christmas…


I love summer. So much. It’s coming up fast, too! Usually every May 1, I realize, “Oh my’s, like, summer now. I am so not ready to be in a swimsuit yet.” … which is a problem because in the summer, when I’m not at work, I practically live by the pool or at the beach.

I. Love. It.

FullSizeRender  IMG_2099  Day 72

But this year I will not be caught off-guard…no I will not! This year I will start preparing now so that come summer time, I will feel confident on the beach or by the pool as early as my first day out there!

So as you know, I already eat decently well and exercise consistently and it’s not realistic or maintainable for me to go on some crazy diet or increase my workouts. Instead, I’m going to keep up my normal diet and workout plan, but incorporate It Works! products into the mix.

The reservation a ton of people have about using It Works! products is they think it’s cheating when in fact it’s nothing like that. These products are not meant to replace a healthy diet and exercise but instead, when paired with these things, it speeds up your results!

“For [those] who fear the “It Works” slimming wraps and view them as a ‘quick fix’ because they work, I feel this is similar to denying an over weight client an effective exercise and nutrition plan because they work.” – Jackson, personal trainer

To supplement my every day lifestyle and achieve my desired results much faster than usual, I’m going to start my own 90 day challenge. Remember when I tried that crazy wrap thing? This 90 Day Challenge incorporates that same wrap with other It Works products that make it even more effective.


Want to join me?

I’ve developed my 90 Day Challenge using It Works! products that I know produce incredible results. There are two different options you can take for this 90 Day Challenge.


Shed – For those who want to drop weight. Incorporate this plan into your exercise and diet plan and you will see incredible results just in time for summer!

Shred – For those who want to actually see those muscles! This plan will help you drop any of those last couple pounds and then tighten your skin so those muscle become visible!

Along with the product plans, I will send you emails throughout the 90 days with tips on how to get the most out of your products, healthy recipes, and other tidbits to help you along your journey!



Waiting is the worst

Few people aren’t waiting.

It could be for a family, significant other, financial security, moving somewhere. It could be for an event or even to get something over with. Maybe it’s to make friends or to get accepted to a school or a job offer.

My point is, everyone’s waiting and it’s very, very rare with someone isn’t.

And you know what? Waiting sucks. So I stopped waiting.


I started praying.

I started preparing.

So many people hate their job and long to move into their dream job. If you got your dream job tomorrow, would you be prepared for it? Why get a new job if you aren’t going to have the skill sets for that job? If you’re waiting on your dream job, what are you doing now to prepare yourself? Do you have all of the skills that are required for that job?

If you want to make more money and want a raise, what are you doing now to earn that raise? Are you just complaining about it or are you actually working harder, proving your value, and developing yourself professionally?

If you’re waiting for Mr. or Mrs. Right, are you praying for Mr. or Mrs. Right? Not just that God brings that person to you, but actually for him or her. Pray for that person to grow in faith with God as you grow in your personal faith walk. Pray for his well-being, pray for your future in-laws, pray for your future kids who aren’t even a thought right now.

Pray for everything to happen in God’s perfect timing. And pray for patience during that time of waiting.

I’m still working on the whole idea of “patience”.

I’m single and I’m not exactly opposed to meeting someone soon but it’s not going to happen until the time that God has planned.

Until then, I can grow in myself. Better myself.

I got tired of complaining about money and waiting for a man to come along for me to be financially secure so I’m working on that now. I want to be able to do that myself so I won’t need someone else to complete me in that way. I’m working on allowing God to fill that part of me that longs for companionship, so that when I do meet someone, he is not my everything. God is my everything and he is just someone to partner with in that walk with God.

Thankfully, I’m currently in my dream job, but if I wasn’t, you better believe I’d be taking online classes to learn design software or typography.

So what can you be doing now?

Stop waiting.

Start preparing.

PS: I was inspired to write this post after hearing the song below [I sincerely apologize for the cheesy lyric video but it’s the least cheesy one I could find]:

Real People, Real Results | That Crazy Wrap Thing


A few years ago, a girl I went to elementary school and then played club volleyball my senior year of high school with [well, she played while I sat on the sidelines in a giant sling recovering from shoulder surgery] started selling a product that peaked my curiosity. It was called “That Crazy Wrap Thing” and was supposed to make you skinnier in only 45 minutes…and then keep working for days after!

So obviously I tried it.


The results last anywhere from 2-6 months depending on your diet and lifestyle so I use them to either jump-start my healthy lifestyle if I’ve fallen off of the wagon a bit [usually after Thanksgiving or taking a month off of the gym] or to tone up for a vacation.

I’ve only every done one or two wraps before but recently I did a full treatment, or 4 wraps. And you guys? Oh my goodness.


The best part? These wraps are so easy to do.

You know those wraps that dehydrate you and all you lose is water weight? This is not that kind of wrap. In fact, if you don’t drink a TON of water the day of your wrap as well as the next 3 days, you won’t get optimal results. I didn’t have to alter anything else I did during the wrap [“during” includes the time spent with the wrap on as well as the next 72 hours]. During the wrap, you’re supposed to stay away from fried or fatty foods, however, I follow the 80/20 eating “plan” [80% of the time I eat clean, healthy food and 20% of the time I eat whatever I want] so I didn’t have to alter my diet.

You know I’m all about health and fitness and these wraps aren’t meant to replace healthy eating and working out. Instead they help accelerate your progress. By a lot.

Anyway, after 3 years of using these products and loving every single one that I tried, I decided to join that friend from elementary school that I ended up playing [watching] volleyball with 8 years later on the It Works! Adventure. And let me tell you something…I’ve been having a BLAST. It’s been so much fun helping people change their lives and gain confidence.

So the questions is….

…have you been working out and eating right but haven’t been seeing results as quickly as you’d like?

…do you have excess or loose skin from having kids or losing weight?

…do you want to try them, too?

Shoot me an email [] if you want to try these wraps out! I’d love to help if you do and talk to you about how you can get them at the wholesale price.

If you are interested in finding out what other amazing [literally amazing] products It Works! has, visit my site at

One last picture!

I bought this dress a few months ago. It’s one of those dresses that I can only wear when I’m at my skinniest and have zero bloat [and even still, Spanx, anyone?]. I wore it the day after my 4th wrap was done and look! It’s too big!



It Works DT Logo

How is January over?

Seriously, though.

Can someone please explain to me this phenomenon of the older you get, the quicker time passes? Wasn’t I just writing about setting my goals for the year?

Well now since January is somehow over, it’s time for me to evaluate how I did. Did I come closer to achieving my goals than I was at the beginning of the month?

Let’s see, shall we?


This last month I studied the book of Daniel and have started Matthew. I want to read through all of the Gospels, but I don’t have a time period I hope to accomplish it in. Usually I do, but sometimes I stick to 2-3 verses and sometimes I read a chapter or two each day. Also, I feel like my steps are being directed by God more. I haven’t made any big decisions without first praying about it.

Goals for February: In February I want to work on praying about something BEFORE I talk about it to my friends and/or family. I tend to go to them first and complain instead of talking to God about it first.


I have put the most focus on this one because it’s so far outside of my comfort zone. I’ve slacked a bit toward the end of the month because of how crazy work was. But I think I’ve made great steps! While my room still needs work, I’ve done a pretty good job at keeping the public area (read: downstairs) of the apartment clean.

Goals for February: I am going to focus on my steps toward becoming a minimalist. I have found some pretty good sources and I think by focusing on those, I will get my room under control.


I think I’ve done really well in this area. I made it to the gym at least 3x every week during January and my eating habits are getting much better. I’ve been able to get an extra serving of veggies almost every day last month.

Goals for February: I want to work more cardio into my routine. I lift 3x a week and have been trying to get to cardio in on the other days, but haven’t done that great of a job at it. I think I’m actually going to be able to fit into my bridesmaid dress for my cousin’s wedding at the end of March. Yay!

Overall, it was a great month. Looks like I get to reward myself! I have ordered my treat for making progress on my goals and will post pictures once I get it in and set up. I cannot wait!

When all you can manage is your sanity


You know those weeks where everything flows together perfectly? Where you wake up rested and spend your evenings being productive and crossing things off of your to-do list?


Last week was not one of those weeks.

Last week was my busiest week of the year. Work was go, go, go from the second I walked in the door [most days at 6:30am] until the second I walked out. I had to put my earbuds in so that people knew not to talk to me.

Everyday I came home completely exhausted and most evenings I had a migraine from the intensity of the day… which meant I was in bed by 8:00.

One of the pieces of my goals was to get organized and keep a clean house. To do that, I got in the habit of tackling two or three things a week that needed cleaning and/or organized in the evenings after work. Needless to say, I was not cleaning or organizing anything after work last week. I was running on fumes by the time I got home.

To make sure I didn’t get behind in meeting my goals, I made sure to hit the do the bare minimum.

Goal 1: Refocus
[strengthen my relationship with God]

I pretty much refused to let this goal fall by the wayside. I had been getting up at 5:00 in the morning to do my Bible study before I get ready for work. No matter how exhausted I was and how badly I wanted to stay in bed, somehow I managed to pull myself up and out of my bed. And you know what? I am so SO glad I did. It helped get my mind focused on what and who is really important and that gave me the strength to get through each crazy day.

Goal 2: Reclaim
[rid myself of the messy chaos in my life, physical & mental]

I knew that my apartment wasn’t going to get any cleaner throughout the week so I was just aiming to make sure it didn’t get any worse. I made sure to wash my dishes right after I used them, take 2-3 minutes right before I went to bed to pick up anything still sitting out, and keep my room fairly neat. For the most part, I did a good job and made up for the lack of progress the next weekend.

Goal 3: Reshape
[get back in shape & eat healthier]

I was still able to go to the gym 3 times last week. I looked forward to those lunch break gym sessions as an hour where I could turn my brain off. I would have liked to get to the gym a couple more times, however, the other two work days I just had to work through lunch. In regards to my eating, I knew ahead of time that that week was going to be chaotic so I made sure to prep my meals for the entire week, which helped me stay on track.

Basically, I only strove to achieve the bare minimum. And you know what? I’m okay with that.

Keeping my sanity in tact was pretty important, so had I tried to take on any more than the bare minimum, I would have lost it.

Now the key is to get back into the swing of things now that I have more time.

I’d fail without these 3 things


I’ll be honest. This is not the first time I’ve set the goals I chose for 2015. I have yet to feel like I’ve achieved them for an extended period of time. Starting off slow and really taking the time to set myself up for success was only one piece of what I think will make me successful. But without the three things below, I think that I would have already dropped the ball.

The three things I’d fail without:

1. Focus words.

When I first started to think about my goals for this year and who I wanted to be, two things kept standing out to me. First, I wanted to get back to trusting that everything happens in God’s perfect time. Last year, I tried so hard to make things happen that shouldn’t have happened and ultimately they blew up in my face. The word that came to mind was patience. Second, I felt as if I was floating through life without really doing anything of value. I kept thinking about the word intentional. Everyday I keep in mind that I need to be patient, regardless of what it is, and to live intentional, instead of being anxious and passive.

2. Rewards. 

To accomplish anything I need incentives, even if it’s just a pat on the back. Since I made these goals for myself and no one but me will care if I accomplish them, I needed to figure out a way to reward myself. After each month, if I am closer to meeting my goals than I was at the beginning of the month, I get to buy myself a reward. I already have a few months’ worth of rewards picked out and will share them with y’all if I earn them!

3. Psalm 127:1

During my very first day’s study of Daniel, one of the takeaways from Daniel 1 was to seek God’s help in everything you try to do. Psalm 127:1 says, “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.” I’m not gonna lie, there are times when it feels insanely selfish to ask God for help accomplishing my goals, especially when it’s something like working out. But then I read Matthew 7:7-8 [ “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.  For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened”] and I was reminded that God loves to give us what we want, if it is inline with His will for us. We just have to ask! 

And those are the 3 things I have to do/keep in mind to have even the slightest chance of accomplishing these goals!

If you’re gonna do something, do it right

Becoming Me: Week 1

I’ve set a ton of goals before and I am never able to achieve them. Why? Because I just jump right into them with zero planning. This week I spent it planning and getting everything set up to get started on each of these goals so that I can actually make progress towards these goals and have a better chance at maintaining that progress for longer than 2 weeks.


  • I’ve been wanting to study the book of Daniel for quite some time now so I decided to start with that one. Instead of reading through the book on my own, I found a sort of guide to read along with. I’ll let you know how I like it. I also bought a nice, new, shiny journal to take notes in because who doesn’t love a nice, new, shiny journal?


  • I cleaned my room and, most importantly, kept that room clean [so far]:
  • In an effort to get rid of my excess, I turned my hangers around so when I wear something, I’ll put it back normally. After 6 months, whatever is still facing the other way I’ll give away.
  • Another thing I did to get rid of my excess was change out my giant purse [which I actually LOVE] for a smaller one that forces me to only carry the necessities. I also switched out the backpack I carry for work for a smaller laptop bag. I’d usually stuff as much junk as I could into the backpack, while I can only carry the bare minimum in my laptop bag.


  • I decided that I want to get back into lifting again since it does amazing things, not only for my body, but also my mental health. To get me to stick with it, I convinced my coworker to join me at lunch. I also picked out a realistic lifting program that will fit in a 30-40 minute time frame [thank you, supersets]. I be sure to give my thoughts and feelings toward the program once I’ve spent a few weeks on it.
  • I’ve also been trying to make more of an effort to cook which, if you know me, is hard. Not that I’m bad at it, I just hate it. I hate it so, so much.

Becoming Me: The What, The Why, & The How

Let’s start with the “What” and the “Why”….

Everyone wants to be something they’re not. As an adult, I find it hard to admit this because when I heard that phrase, my mind takes me back to when I was a kid…when I wanted to be in the popular crowd or good at math. While I still wish I could claim to be somewhat of a mathematician [I chose art school for a reason], I no longer wish I could be a professional athlete or the smartest person in the room.

The phrase “I want to be something I’m not” has become something completely different to me now. I don’t wish I had another job…I love being a graphic designer. I don’t wish I was more popular or had more friends…I have the best group of friends [seriously they are better than yours. just kidding. kind of.] and as an introvert, crowds and parties give me anxiety roughly 70-80% of the time.

Nah. What I want to be may be something I’m not right now, but it is something I can be.

I want to be the girl who doesn’t have to go through 10 outfits before I find one I feel good in. I want to be the girl who doesn’t have to step over junk all the time because her room is always a mess. I want to be the girl who walks around museums alone and can ask for a table for 1 without caring what others think. But most of all, I want to be the girl who seeks God first, above all things, and doesn’t let the constant drama of what’s in my bank account or where in the heck am I’m going to meet someone I’M IN MY UPPER TWENTIES FOR CRYIN’ OUT LOUD cloud her mind.

So here’s the thing. I know I’m not a tidy and organized person [I’m one of those messy, creative people] and that I won’t feel comfortable eating certain places alone. My goal isn’t to become somebody I’m not. My goal is to become the person God created me to be and as of right now, I am not being that person.

“In the age to come, they will not as me, ‘Why were you not Moses?’ They will ask me, ‘Why were you not Zusya?'”
-Rabbi Zusya

I was listening to a teaching the other day and the pastor quoted from a book called The Emotionally Healthy Church by Peter Scazzero and he said, “Maturity in life is when someone is living within their God-given limits.”  So that’s my goal for this year: to discover my God-given limits.

And now the “How”…

I have 3 goals that I want to achieve. It definitely won’t happen over night or even all in January. It will most definitely be trial and error and I’m hoping that in trying to achieve these goals, I will settle into who I really am.


Throughout the past few months, I have let the stresses of life get in the way of trusting God with my life. I want to refocus and get back to having absolute faith that His timing is best and He has a greater plan for me than I have for myself.

>>> always be in the middle of a Bible study
>>> be more aware of God’s constant presence in my life
>>> work on patience with the knowledge that God’s timing is better than my own


I have had this constant feeling that I am just floating in life, as if things are just happening to me instead of me happening to things. I couldn’t figure out why and then I realized there is just too much junk cluttering my life. My room is a mess, my desk at work is a mess, my brain is a mess. I need to limit the chaos and reclaim my mind so that I can start “happening to things”.

>>> keep up with my planner
>>> keep a clean house
>>> slowly become a minimalist
>>> take myself on a date once a month


“An object in motion stays in motion” and I have very much been an object at rest for WAY too long. When I say reshape, I mean it in the literal way. I need to get myself back in shape. Like I said before, when my clothes start to not fit well, it’s the kick in the butt that I need to get healthier.

>>> workout at least 3 times a week
>>> eat another serving of veggies a day [I already get one every day in my smoothie]
>>> take better care of my hair & skin

My goal is to document my efforts here weekly to keep myself accountable. Read it if you want, but my goal isn’t to increase my readership. My goal is to become closer to the person I am designed to be so feel free to follow me on this journey.

8 Truths About Being a Single Woman in your Mid-20’s

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding what single life is like for women in their 20’s. Let me help clear some of it up.

8 Truths About Being a Single Woman in your Mid-20’s

1. We’re not always on the look-out for dates. Actually, I’m rarely looking for dates but I’m blaming my anxiety on that one. I’m sure there are plenty of singles who are always looking for someone to go out with. To be honest, even if a man I didn’t know approached me because he wanted to take me out, I’d look around to make sure he was talking to me, realize he was talking to me, immediately start sweating, and then ooze awkwardness all over the place.

awkward 2

2. We have perfected the hand-glance. Say you’re 21..22 years-old. You see an attractive man and he starts talking to you. Hmm this is going well maybe he’ll ask me out? A possibility. Fast forward to being 25+ and suddenly there’s a small shiny thing on men’s hands that CHANGES EVERYTHING. What’s that shiny thing on his hand? Oh right. Wedding ring. Crap. You guys, after your turn 25, this happens ALL OF THE TIME…and that’s why we have perfected the hand-glance.


3. Leaving the house without make-up on becomes more of a risk. It could be any place and any moment. Any store, any gas station, any restaurant, but there will be one moment at one place where we actually will meet the “one”. The more often we choose to walk out the door without make-up on or dressed in an old ratty tshirt, the more we jeopardize that moment. I don’t know about y’all, but I look like a completely different person sans make-up and if my potential “one” sees me for the first time with my tired eyes, self-diagnosed rosacea, and adult acne, he might ask me to move out of his way instead of into his contact list.


4. We’re too old for games. We will be clear with you from the beginning about what we want and we expect the same from you. If you can’t extend that curtesy to us, you aren’t mature enough to date us. So stop wasting our time and just…just don’t.


5. Literally everyone we know is engaged and/or pregnant AND THEY ARE ALL YOUNGER THAN US. Ok, maybe not literally but I kid you not, we feel like every single day, someone new gets engaged or pregnant. Like, I didn’t even think I had that many friends until I realize how many of them are about to tie the knot or become a parent. We are also in constant denial that we are old enough to have friends that have children.

old sing lady

6. We can do things. I can check my tire pressure and fill them with air by myself. I can hang shelves with a power drill by myself. I can assemble any type of furniture that exists. I can refill my wiper fluid, find a stud in the wall, and move a queen-size mattress up the stairs by myself. When I was 20, I never would have thought I’d be able to do these things but, 6 years later, I got tired of not being able to get these things done because I’m alone. Also I’m pretty sure my dad can’t sleep at night unless I know how to do these things for myself.

high five

7. Sometimes it just sucks. I’ve taken enough solo trips to get frozen yogurt on a Friday night to know that I lack that person-to-do-things-with and, if I’m being straight with you, that realization sucks. Being single means third/fifth/seventh wheeling it all the time. When someone asks “Have you seen that movie?” and I say no, they wonder why…I know the reason is because I don’t have my person-to-do-things-with and, honestly, that makes me sad.


8. But sometimes it’s awesome. If I want to lay around all day on a Saturday, I can. If I want to take a trip to the beach on a whim, I can. If I want to decorate my bedroom in pink florals, I can. And I did. I don’t have to worry about getting home to anyone or cross-checking plans to see if I’m free. I can use my time to develop myself and pour my focus into my career, all without it being selfish.

single awesome

6 Fool-Proof Rules for Staying Healthy

I’ll never be one of those girls who eats “clean” all the time or runs marathons or can lift more than my own weight over her head. I will never eat 5 to 7 small meals a day or take meal replacements. I tried to track my calories for a week and it made me so crazy that I refused to eat a banana at the end of the day because it would have put me 100 calories over my daily limit.

Knowing these things about myself, I have developed a handful of rules that I follow to keep me on track.


1. Never skip a Monday. I don’t know about you but Mondays set the tone for my entire week. If I eat poorly on Monday, I will struggle for the entire week to stay on track with my nutrition. Same goes for exercising. If I skip my Monday workout, I’m more likely to skip my workout on other days, as well. However, if I start my week off with a strong gym session, I tend to push myself throughout the week at the gym. So, no matter what, I try my hardest to never skip a Monday even if it means going to the gym after work if I can’t get myself there during the day.

2. Find your time. They say the best time to workout is whatever time you will actually do it. Ideally, I love working out first thing in the morning, where I’m finishing my workout as the sun is coming up. That’s not really doable anymore so I had to find another time that worked for me. It ended up being on my lunch break. I have little desire to head to the gym once I’m home from work, so squeezing in a quick and intense workout when everyone else is out eating lunch is what works for me.


3. Be prepared. If I’m sitting at my desk, starving, and didn’t bring my lunch, I can guarantee you, and my coworkers can attest, that I’ll be headed straight to Raising Canes or Whataburger for lunch, even though Subway is just as close. I will make the same decision if I don’t have anything planned for dinner and am starving on my drive home from work. Sundays are my days to get ready for my week. I hit the grocery store and prep all of my lunches. I’ll usually cook dinner Monday night but it will last throughout the entire week.


4. Work up a sweat. Not all workouts are created equal. Some are way harder than others and not every workout is going to leave you completely exhausted. I understand this, so to keep from getting frustrated when I log a less-than-stellar gym sesh, I follow this rule: work up a sweat. I don’t allow myself to leave the gym unless I’ve sweat through my shirt. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but it does have to be something.

5.  Never buy new clothes because you can’t fit in your current ones. Unless it’s because they are too big. But seriously. This rule has helped me so much. I get in lulls sometimes with my nutrition and exercising and I know that when my pants start to fit tight, it’s time to rev up my workouts and reevaluate what I’m eating. There are things in my closet from high school that still fit me because of this rule.


6. You can have it all, just not all at once. This rule is from Bethany Frankel’s book and it’s brilliant. If you know me, you know I love my froyo, donuts, and Whataburger and I will never give those things up. When I want one of those things, I have to look at how I have been eating that day and the day before. If I haven’t treated myself lately, I will grab a giant cup of frozen yogurt or eat an entire #1 from Whataburger, guilt free. But I definitely won’t have Mexican food or Raising Canes for dinner and donuts for breakfast the following morning.

These won’t work for everyone, but they have been so helpful to me. I’m not perfect at following them all the time, sometimes I’ll go out to eat more than once a week for lunch or I’ll skip a Monday [although that one is pretty rare]. Just remember, regardless of what rules you follow, if you mess up, just move on. Every day is a new day to do better than the day before.